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International Markets

A- Overview

  • Etihad Capital allows you to access your account and customize your trading environment across multiple screens. Take advantage of a full suite of trading tools and features, across all asset classes and segments of the global universe.
  • Fully customizable Choose the markets, instruments, charts and investment management components to create your own individualized trading & investment management environment.

Professional tools Advanced charting on your desktop including in-chart annotations, technical indicators, multiple-instrument views and trading from the chart.

B- Risk Management

  • The online platform will provide all relevant information regarding the prevailing account status and the current portfolio valuation.
  • The online reporting will provide a real-time update of each:
  • Accounts margin collateral available.
  • Unrealized profit and loss.
  • Net exposures in any given instrument traded.
  • Margin requirements.
  • Net free equity available for any new positions.